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How does MRD guide therapeutic decisions in ALL?

During the Society of Hematologic Oncology (SOHO) 2021 Annual Meeting, the ALL Hub spoke to Rachel Rau, Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, US. We asked, How does MRD guide therapeutic decisions in ALL? 

How does MRD guide therapeutic decisions in ALL?

Rau begins by outlining the two main modalities with which MRD is measured, multiple parameter flow cytometry or PCR. Rau goes on to explain when to test MRD and the correlation between a poor prognosis and a higher MRD. She discusses high risk patients in ALL and the possible treatment options for patients who are still MRD positive after consolidation. Finally, Rau highlights that the future may hold further investigation into more sensitive assays, to further risk stratify patients, such as the clonoSEQ assay.


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